Samsung Galaxy Note10+'s 25W charger aces charge speed test, beats OnePlus 7 Pro


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There was some grumbling that Samsung didn't bundle a 45W charger with the Galaxy Note10+, even though the phone supports it. Instead, you get a 25W charger in the box - and as it turns out, this is still enough to beat the competition from 0% to 100% battery charge. YouTube channel Gadgets Portal pitted the Galaxy Note10+ (4,300mAh) against the Note9 (4,000mAh, 15W charger in box), OnePlus 7 Pro (4,000mAh, 30W charger) and Apple iPhone XS Max (3,174mAh, 5W charger). You can watch the video first or read on below it for spoilers. The Galaxy Note10+ finished charging in 1 hour and 5...