Samsung India begins R&D work on 5G technology


Samsung has been playing a major role in the development of 5G technology. The company recently conducted its first 5G fixed wireless access trial in the United Kingdom. It has also inked agreements to deliver the first multi-vendor 5G trials with Verizon and Cisco. Samsung has now revealed that research and development work on 5G technology has begun at its R&D center in India.

Dipesh Shah, the managing director of the Samsung R&D Institute in Bengaluru, has confirmed that the company has started work on 5G technology at the facility. The facility in Bengaluru is Samsung’s largest research and development center outside South Korea.

Samsung India And 5G

Samsung’s R&D center in Bengaluru performs two major roles. It develops features to address the needs of Indian consumers. Features like S-Bike were developed here. The center’s other role is to work on products and services with a global impact.

This may not be widely known but the final part of development for Bixby was done at the center in Bengaluru. It also adapted the virtual assistant for local Indian accents so that users from different parts of the country could take advantage of the digital assistant.

There’s still a long road ahead before the commercialization of 5G technology. Seems like Samsung wants to make sure that it’s a leader in this space. Samsung’s R&D center in India will now be working on 5G technology alongside the teams based in South Korea and elsewhere.

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