Samsung joins Semiconductor Research Corporation’s consortium


The Semiconductor Research Corporation has announced that it has got Samsung onboard. The Korean tech giant has agreed to join the SRC’s research consortium. It’s a big deal for the SRC given that Samsung is one of the largest chipmakers in the world.

Now that Samsung is onboard, the SRC counts seven of the top ten global semiconductor companies as its members. Samsung is the fifth non-US headquartered company to join the SRC in less than two years.

Samsung will be participating in two SRC platforms. It will work with the SRC on the New Science Team project and the Global Research Collaboration program.

The New Science Team project will commence in January 2018. This 5-year, $300 million+ project has two complementary research programs. The programs are called Joint University Microelectronics Program or JUMP and nanoelectronics Computing Research or nCORE.

The program’s purpose is supporting long-term research focused on high-performance, energy-efficient microelectronics for computing, communications and storage solutions.

The Global Research Collaboration program comprises of nine design and process technology research disciplines. Samsung is going to participate in the Packaging and Logic & Memory Devices programs.

“Collaborative research has been a key element of Samsung’s global strategy,” said Dr. HK Kang, Executive Vice President of Semiconductor Research and Development Center at Samsung Electronics.

“We look forward to working with the SRC team to spark meaningful advancements in semiconductor technology as we explore future innovation,” he added.

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