Samsung launches its QLED TVs in Brazil, reveals pricing and special offers


After launching new
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in Europe, India, Mexico, the US and some other markets, Samsung has launched them in Brazil. The company announced the pricing for its new QLED TVs for the Brazilian market on 20 June. These TVs not only offer great picture quality, but they also have great designs while doing so. Samsung is also planning to start various marketing projects to promote the new TVs.

QLED TVs represent the pinnacle of Samsung technology today. The advanced search and relentless attention to detail allowed it the company to gather the best image quality, design and user experience in a single product,” said Gustavo Assunção, Vice President of the Consumer Electronics Division of Samsung Brazil. The company said that various local business are already making inquiries on the release date of the new TVs.

Samsung is offering a 10-year warranty against burn-in damages for its new TVs. Brazil is a huge market in the Latin American region, and it takes up 40 percent of share in the TV segment. The country saw a growth of over 13 percent year-on-year, and the demand for 4K TVs increased by 50 percent. Samsung already has 56 percent share of the 4K TV market in Brazil, and it wants to extend its lead with new QLED TVs.

Here’s the pricing of Samsung’s new QLED TVs and official accessories:

Q9F 88”- R$ 86.999,00
Q8C 75” – R$ 36.999,00
Q8C 65” – R$ 21.999,00
Q7F 65” – R$ 18.499,00
Q7F 55” – R$ 9.999,00.

Gravity Stand – R$ 2.999,00
Studio Stand – R$ 2.749,00
Invisible Optical Cable (15 meters) – R $ 899.00
No-Gap Wall Mount for up to 65-inch TVs - R $ 599.00
No-Gap Wall Mount for 75-inch TVs - R $ 699.00

Customers who pre-order these TVs between June 30 and July 9 would be eligible to get a free No-Gap Wall Mount for free. Whoever purchases Samsung’s new QLED TVs would also be eligible for its Concierge service where the company will offer priority service for repairs, answering product-related questions, and solving problems. The service will be available 24 hours a day and any queries will be resolved within 48 hours.

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