Samsung launches Marshmallow beta program for Galaxy S6


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Samsung initiated an Android Marshmallow campaign, which aims to improve the quality of the upcoming firmware updates, based on the user feedback from the people participating in the public beta test. Samsung had a few problems with the latest Lollipop updates, some of those issues led to update rollout suspensions and delays. This sure is quite unpleasant for the users, who already installed the update and can't downgrade easily. Apparently Samsung has finally learned the lesson and is opening a beta channel for beta testing the latest updates. Android Marshmallow is the latest OS version and Samsung plans to deliver it to a bunch of smartphones, but the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be among the first to get the next major firmware update. That's the reason Samsung chose the S6 and S6 edge to be the first devices to participate in the beta program. They will be able to get the latest Marshmallow builds today and the program will last until January 18. There is a catch though - South Korea is the only market where the beta test will occur and it is available only to devices hooked up on KT and LGU+ carriers. If you happen to fulfill the requirements you need to download the Galaxy Care app from the Play Store and follow the instructions. With the beta program available Samsung will be able to test its upcoming builds better and faster and hopefully speed the official rollout of the Marshmallow update. Source |...

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