Samsung Pay to officially launch in China in early 2016


GSMArena News
Nov 9, 2015
It's official - Samsung Pay is set to launch in China, as earlier reports suggested. The company announced today its cooperation with the country's bank card organization China UnionPay mere hours after Apple did just the same, marking the day as a milestone in mobile payments history in the country. The mandatory sweet talk from both parties had China UnionPay stress its commitment to providing consumers with convenient services, while Samsung reiterated the security, widespread support and ease of use of the service. No specific launch date has been stated, but the promise is that the rollout will come "as soon as early 2016" - a wording suspiciously identical to that found in Apple's press release. Both services are undergoing testing and are awaiting regulator approval. Judging by the interval between announcements don't be surprised if you see them launching within a couple of hours from each other as well. Source |...