Samsung trademarks ‘Universal Browse’ possibly to improve cross-platform browsing


Samsung has filed for a new trademark in South Korea for the term “Universal Browse.” It appears that the company is planning on expanding its cross-platform web browsing experience. The trademark details suggest that this has something to do with further integrating the web browsing experience on Samsung smartphones and TVs.

The Samsung Internet web browser already offers a decent cross-platform experience. Users can get the same experience whether they use it on their smartphone, Gear VR or DeX station. Samsung links together even more platforms with the Samsung Internet extension for Google Chrome. So naturally, improving the integration with smartphones and TVs makes sense.

Universal Browse

Samsung’s trademark application for Universal Browse suggests that the company wants to expand this experience further. The application details that its software that will be used for browsing content like TV shows, sports, games, music, videos and information on TVs and smartphones.

The implementation sounds simple enough. Users just need to be signed in with the same Samsung account on both devices to have their content available across the different platforms. That’s how one would expect it to work anyway.

We can expect to hear more about Universal Browse at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 which takes place in January next year.

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