Samsung's Gear VR Web browser has exactly 1 useful function

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Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Why would you bother with a browser in VR? That's a good question. And the answer is YouTube, and 360-degree video.

Much in the same way that so many of us rolled our eyes when web browsers were sideloaded on early Android Wear watches, news that Samsung was released a web browser to the Oculus Store for the Gear VR seemed a little off. You have to put your phone — which in this case has a fantastic Web browser and an amazing display — into a case that cuts the resolution by more than half to use a browser that won't ever be as easy to use as the native browser on your phone. It's the kind of thing we installed mostly to see if there were any redeeming qualities at all, hoping to find any reason for this thing to exist.

As it turns out there is one big reason for the Gear VR to have a web browser, and it's all about access to YouTube.

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