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Build your own personal wiki containing notes, to-do lists, ideas and thoughts with the help of this intuitive and modern-looking application. Scribbleton helps you organize information in an efficient manner, storing anything from simple text notes to ideas and thoughts. You can use it to build your own personal wiki, with clickable links and multiple pages.

Organize your thoughts
Scribbleton is your own personal wiki, where you can store everything from quick notes, to detailed checklists for work, to the outline for that next bestseller novel.

Everything is within reach
With Scribbleton, you can easily create clickable links between words, phrases, and pages, allowing you to quickly locate cross-reference information.

Support for multiple platforms
You can read and write the same Scribbleton wiki document on Windows, Mac, or Linux, so you can work on the platform of your choice, without compromise.

No data lock-in
Scribbleton offers numerous export options. You can export individual pages or entire wikis, so your data will always be available to you.

Share and sync
Scribbleton was designed for shareability. Place your wiki file on a shared drive, and you can access and edit your data from any machine on the network.

No cloud required
Your Scribbleton wiki files live on your local machine. Nothing is sent to any outside servers, so your private data remains private.

Whats New:
Search is now available.
Wiki pages can now be organized into folders.
Images can now be resized.
The sidebar is now fixed width.
The sidebar wiki title now displays the entire wiki filename on mouseover.
The sidebar page titles and previews now show their full titles on mouseover.
Fixed an issue related to image deletion.
Fixed an issue related to canceling of new wiki creation.
Fixed an issue related to importing from a legacy Scribbleton wiki.
Fixed the layout of the title in the sidebar toolbar.
Fixed the layout of the page titles and previews in the sidebar.
Fixed am issue related to saving of links to pages.Homepage
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