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Scrutiny 7.6.0 | macos | 8 MB
Scrutiny - program to test and improve the quality of a site's ranking in search engines. Scrutiny check your image, your internal and external links, generate XML / HTML / .csv / .dot sitemap for submission to search engines, check your tags and make the necessary checks SEO (Eng. Search engine optimization, SEO - a set of measures to raise the site positions in search engine results), such as the page title, headings, meta description and keywords.

Check referencesSEO analysisThe sitemapTest the speed of loading pagesHTML validationspellcheckingControl website as many URL, as you like with the choice of alerts and loggingplanning - it's easy with a few simple clicks (the old method of using iCal will continue to workat the finish - to send a letter, save the report, open a file or program applescript file sitemap XML files via FTP and other actionsOpen and view a list of links in HTML, text or XML-Sitemap (automatically detected)fast, flexible, user-friendlysupport for Retina displays
Version 7.6.0:
Important fix for reporting, particularly in relation to the 'scan with actions' and 'perform actions' options where 'generate report' is selected in 'finish actions'French localization completedFixes bug preventing SEO information (title, description) from being reported if starting with a text list of URLsAdds 'redirects to here' column in SEO table. A count of the number of other urls that redirect (via 3xx or meta http refresh) to this page. The column is easily switched on and sorted to find the ones with the most. This is now an important SEO factor, Google considers a page to be a 'soft 404' if many pages redirect to it.Adds option for spellchecker to only search contents of tags (extends existing option to ignore header, footer, and nav)Some fixes and improvements to the 'file size' functionality. And adds option to 'load all images' WIth this option on, all images are loaded and the size noted. So the 'target size' column of the 'by link' and 'flat views' will show the actual size of the image. With the option off, a size may still be displayed in those columns, but it then relies on the Content-Length field of the server response header, which may be the compressed size of the image or not present. The option slows the scan and uses more data transfer, so only use if you're interested in the size of images on your pages.
Requirements : OS X 10.8 or Later

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