See How 'The Room Three' Came to Life in a Fantastic Making-of Album


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iPhone Gaming
Ever wondered what it takes to make a game like Fireproof Games' The Room Three [$4.99]? Is it a lot of work drawing and designing every single item in spectacular detail, or does it involve late-night sacrifices at the altar of the Game Design Gods? Fortunately (?) for all those involved, it's the former as we can see in this huge collection of art and sketches that went on to become the intriguing and quite beautiful The Room Three. The Flickr Album has more than 30 photos and really highlights the crazy amount of work that went into the making of the game. There are, for instance, detailed sketches and early 3D drawings of some of the boxes and items and the reasoning behind the inclusion of the various objects and locations, like explaining the inspiration behind the Paper Theater that players find in the mezzanine theater of the Library.

Interested in how we made The Room Three? Head over to our Flickr to take a peek:

— Fireproof Games (@Fireproof_Games) January 26, 2016

This collection of images is really fascinating and will make you appreciate the game even more than you did to begin with. I love seeing all the research that went into making The Room Three, and it really makes me want to replay the game with this deeper understanding of the universe the developers build in the process of making their trilogy. And I hope they're thinking of making posters (or at least wallpapers) out of some of those images because they are simply gorgeous. Go here to check out the whole collection.

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