SEMC Reveals New 'Vainglory' Hero Details, Holiday Skins


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
In its latest Friday developer stream, the folks over at Super Evil Megacorp took the wraps off the latest additions to its mobile MOBA, Vainglory [Free].

First off is the unveiling of Reim, the latest hero to hit the Halcyon fold. While images of Reim have been floating around for awhile (with part 1 of his lore having debut earlier last week) this is the first time an official developer stream has taken a given a close look at him to the public. Billed as a tanky Mage, Reim looks to have moves and a heroic perk based on slows and roots that have the potential to do some serious damage if they are aimed correctly.

In addition to the reveal, SEMC also gave viewers a sneak peak at three new skins as well as a new map skin. Both Skaarf and Glaive are getting Tier 3 skins while Catherine is getting a limited edition Winter Season skin. Meanwhile, the new Halcyon Fold skin for the upcoming season blankets the entire arena in snow.

With Autumn Season wrapping up this week, I imagine most of these reveals will be hitting Vainglory with the next update that will coincide with the start of the Winter Season. Meanwhile, stick with us for more info once Reim makes his debut in the game.

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