Sniper Elite 4: Deathstorm Campaign Begins March 21


It’s a real pleasure to be back here on PlayStation.Blog with more
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news. When we announced the game here this time last year, the support was fantastic. That has carried through to last month’s launch on PS4, and we’re really grateful to have such a passionate community around this series. We know many of you are very, very keen for more Sniper Elite 4 content, so I’m pleased to be the bearer of good tidings!

Next week we’re bringing out first major single-player and multiplayer content update, including new free content for multiplayer fans, and the first chapter in our new three-part mini-campaign!

There’s a Deathstorm Coming…

Let’s start with the mini-campaign. It’s called Deathstorm and it features a completely new storyline set after the events of Sniper Elite 4. Just like the main campaign, you can play it in both single-player and two-player cooperative.

The Alsos Mission, an offshoot of the United States-led Manhattan Project famous for its research and development of nuclear weapons, needs Karl Fairburne to intercept a critical package the Nazis are bringing into the country…

In Part 1: Inception, Karl must infiltrate the Rocca sul Mare naval base in the chillier climes of northern Italy, targeted in a recent bombing run yet still under tremendous Nazi guard. Somewhere in this sprawling stronghold is the package codenamed “Deathstorm.”

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Just like the missions in our main campaign, Deathstorm Part 1: Inception will challenge you with numerous objectives across a massive environment. With towering scaffolding, a massive German destroyer, and warehouses teeming with Kriegsmarine soldiers to negotiate, Karl’s task isn’t just to retrieve the package but to complete what the bombing run started and help destroy the base entirely.

Deathstorm Part 1: Inception will be available at PlayStation Store starting next week, and you can purchase it either individually or as part of the Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass, which will guarantee you access to all of the game’s paid content. That includes the Night Fighter Expansion Pack which we are also bringing out next week. It will include three new weapons, night-time camouflage rifle skins for eight weapons, and two new characters.

Eliminate the Competition

When we announced Sniper Elite 4 we pledged to bring all additional multiplayer modes and maps to the game free, and we’re delighted to be rolling out our first wave of free new content next week, too. The headline addition this time around is a brand new multiplayer mode called Elimination.

This is a two-team mode for up to 12 players, and the aim is to cut down your opponent’s numbers to zero. If you’re killed in Elimination, you then sit out on the sidelines as a spectator. But that isn’t permanent! If your team kills an opponent player, they tag back in one of their sidelined teammates. So even when it’s six versus one in Elimination, one kill can turn everything upside down!

This month’s free content doesn’t end there. We’ll also be bringing out a brand new multiplayer map next week, and it’s called Night Woods. Here’s the debut screenshot to give you a little tease!

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And That’s Just the Beginning

We’ll continue to support Sniper Elite 4 with both paid and free content across the coming months, including parts two and three of Deathstorm, more free maps and multiplayer modes, and a whole ton of other cool stuff!

We’ll continue to receive your feedback and optimize your experience as much as we can with future patches. For more news and to get in touch, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Otherwise, we’ll see you in Italia, sniper.

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