Space Strategy Game 'Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander' Coming Oct. 19th


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, the Kickstarted PC space strategy game, is on its way to iOS with an expected arrival (star)date of October 19th. The game is an interesting mix of all kinds of mechanics, including base building (not the Clash of Clans kind), exploration, and a JRPG-style combat system, all dressed in retro-style visuals. In the game, you command a derelict but powerful alien-made starbase, and you have to use it to stop an alien force that's heading Earth's way with what are certainly not kind intentions. You will have to use the resources you can salvage from your starbase to get the thing up and running again if you are to lead your people and help them survive.

As you can guess, the base building part is all about expanding and improving your starbase (and also building ships to control more territory), so don't start thinking that it's a Clash of Clans clone. You will also have to manage your crew, go out and explore the universe above you, handle different story events, and, of course, fight other spaceships. The iOS version will come with the recent Lightspeed Edition update, which has improved the game's campaign, systems, and UI. Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander will release October 19th, and, judging from the trailer above, I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

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