Spotify crowned #1 music streaming service on the planet


GSMArena News
App Annie, an analytics platform for apps, has put out a report for Q3 of this year that crowned Spotify as the number 1 music streaming service in the world on both Android and Apple phones. Because Apple Music is still pretty new, it does not appear in any top 10 lists in the report at all, however, with Apple Music's recent release for Android, it has the potential to gain some more subscribers on Android. Apple music can also potentially convert millions of customers who still listen to digital downloads via iTunes. Pandora, dethroned by Spotify, now holds the #2 spot worldwide, followed by SoundCloud and TuneIn Radio tied for #3. Interestingly, Spotify does not hold the #1 spot in its home country of Sweden. The report goes on to compare rankings of music services in major markets like France, Japan, Canada, UK, Sweden, and the US, among others. Streaming services have exponentially grown in the past few years as the new way to listen to music. Apple Music has a long way to go before taking Spotify's spot, a music platform that's existed for more than 5 years. Source |...