'Stardew Valley'-like 'Blocky Farm' Hits the App Store


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
We posted about the release date a few days ago, but Blocky Farm [Free] was mysteriously absent from last night's new games roundup as we had yet to find it anywhere on the App Store. Well, following the old adage "Better late than never," Blocky Farm hit the App Store early this morning. We've already got a vibrant thread in our forums, and people seem to be enjoying the game quite a bit- Which I suppose isn't much of a surprise considering forum members helped beta test it.

It seems reasonable to assume that Blocky Farm is the closest thing we're going to get to Stardew Valley on the App Store. At least in my first session, it plays fairly similarly, but I'm working hard on getting farther in Blocky Farm to see whether or not it has the same endless pit of depth that Stardew has. Blocky Farm was in development forever, and it's pretty obvious how much love and care went into this game when you play it.

Definitely grab this one if you're looking to have your farming game itch scratched to a ridiculous extent.

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