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is an application developed by Sun TV Network Limited, it is used to support many the features for your phone. This application was released on 10/07/2017 but recently, it has reached than 10 million downloads what hasn’t indication stopping.

Talk about SunNxt App that is a free application offered to India who speaks Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. This is one of the top 1 applications provides direct connections to watch the film program, TV channel, live TV in this India market.

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, you can experience all live tv channels, all copyrighted movies, and songs, video ... with HD quality. You can create your own profile to note, hide, the classification of videos and the programs you love. And you can directly download the video to your mobile by this application.

Another great thing is you can watch the old movie that has watched long ago. There are many blockbuster movies from the late 90 years, many of the classics movie that you may have ever loved.

It is a great convenience, however, all the things, what you watch on the application, are using the language of Southern India, however, update version of SunNxt App was easy able to convert to English. This has made for SunNxt App is used by many people in the world.

Can say that
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App is an excellent tool to support more functions for Android when the SunNxt application can provide more functionality.

This application was written to support for Android and IOS phones. It is an application you can download to your phone for free, but when used, you need to register. Depending on your choice you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. However, the first month when you use this app will be free.

To find out more information in every place I usually use the SunNxt App, and when watch and find information about news, I used SunNxt App. A lot of people also use it, why don't you try using it to get more information and video, film... by the more systematic way.

You can SunNxt App at here:
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