Surprise! 'Final Fantasy IX' Is Coming to the App Store


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Final Fantasy fanatics officially now have something super awesome to look forward to with the new year: This morning Square Enix quietly announced that Final Fantasy IX is coming to iOS, Android, and PC. It's surprising news considering there's been rumblings for the last decade or so that Squeenix lost the source code for Final Fantasy IX, and if that's true, this is likely just an emulated version of the original PlayStation game... Which is A-OK with me. Here's the trailer:

A lot of folks consider FF9 to be the best of the PlayStation-era Final Fantasy RPG's, but then again, people said that about FF7 and FF8. Whichever one you consider the "best," they're all great games, and definitely something to get excited for next year. According to the game's web site, you're going to need to have a reasonably recent iOS device running iOS 7.0 or later to play.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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