Survive Augmented Reality Zombie Attacks in 'ARZombi'


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Imagine you are home, but there's no time to rest because zombies are coming your way, and they want to get in through those windows and doors you forgot to board up. This is the scenario of the FPS augmented reality game ARZombi [$0.99], which puts you in the shoes of a lone man trying to defend from wave after wave of zombies. The ARKit on your phone turns your windows and doors into AR portals, and you'll have to quickly board them up, and if that fails, take out any zombies that come in through them. You'll use whatever weapons you can get your hands on, including miniguns and grenades, all the while defending those doors and windows. And, in a clever gameplay twist, when you want a break or want to get some health back, you just sit down and grab a slice of pizza to increase your health.

The game is inspired by Call of Duty's zombie modes but gives it an 80s twist, as you can see from the visuals and theme. The developers wanted to make ARZombi better than the other zombie AR games out there by making windows and doors a crucial gameplay element. And while the game comes with a single-player mode only, it will get a story-mode and multiplayer in the future. If you want to see if AR gaming is for you, check out ARZombi.

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