T-Mobile and Sprint merger teased once again, no assets expected to be sold

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T-Mobile and Sprint's decision to not sell any assets could cause for pushback from U.S. regulators.

Although there have been murmurings of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger for ages now, recent reports indicate that we might actually see a deal between the fourth and third largest U.S. carriers announced by the end of October. This was first suggested back on October 6, and another report has popped up to reiterate this point.

According to individuals that are familiar with Sprint and T-Mobile, the two carriers are preparing to announce the merger and, when they do, they'll do so without plans of selling any assets.

This move will allow T-Mobile and Sprint to each hold onto the spectrum that they currently have, and when the merger is officially announced, it's being reported that T-Mobile and Sprint will promote it as a way for further benefiting consumers and the carriers' continuous work on 5G networks.

However, the deal as we currently know it is expected to ruffle some feathers with regulators for antitrust and telecommunications within the United States Justice Department. These regulators will likely push for T-Mobile and Sprint to sell their assets, but until the merger is officially announced and agreed upon by both parties, no review processes can begin.

The merger should be announced in late October or early November.

Regarding this potential area of contention, Craig Moffett (a research analyst for MoffettNathanson) says "It is better for Sprint and T-Mobile to listen and learn the concerns of regulators first, and see whether there is anything that can be done to address those concerns."

T-Mobile and Sprint are now expected to unveil the merger in either late October or early November.

We could see a T-Mobile and Sprint merger by the end of October

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