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ColorCache packs in a color picker, color scheme generator, web preview tools, a color scheme management system, and much more. ColorCache is designed to integrate with the way that you work, and sits quietly in the system tray ready to be summoned with a simple mouse click or keystroke.

Website Color Schemes Made Easy
- Pick the right color combinations every time for professional results
- Automatically generate color schemes from a single color or photograph
- Recreate existing web pages and designs in different color schemes
- Preview your color schemes in your own pages and designs
- Manage, store, import and export your color schemes
- Compatible with most popular graphics programs

Harvest On-screen Colors
The color picker will harvest colors from anywhere on your computer screen, including web pages, photographs and images. It can be invoked with a single key press. It's only on-screen presence is a small magnifier around your cursor. Selected colors will be automatically saved to a palette, and/or copied to the clipboard in a format of your choosing ready to be pasted into your favorite applications.

Generate Color Schemes
The palette builder allows you to generate beautiful color schemes at the click of a button. Simply choose a base color and let the built-in color formulas instantly produce a selection of color schemes. Choose from harmonies, complements, analogous colors and more. Adjust the base color using the sliders or color wheel and watch your color scheme change before your eyes, from vibrant colors to subtle pastel shades.

Create Your Own Color Formulas
ColorCache comes with a wide range of built-in color formulas. If you can't find what you want you can easily edit existing formulas or define your own using the powerful formula editor.

Reverse Engineer Color Formulas
You can even reverse engineer formulas from an existing color scheme. If you see a web color scheme that you like let ColorCache reproduce it for you in a variety of different hues and shades.

Preview Color Schemes in your Own Web Pages and Designs
ColorCache 5's preview window applies color changes to live web pages in real time. You can navigate to an on or off-line web page and have ColorCache reproduce it in various color schemes at the click of a button. See your web pages change color before your eyes and save the variations that you like as css and HTML files.

Manage, Store, Import / Export your Color Schemes
Color schemes can be organized into palettes and palette collections for easy storage and management. Palettes and collections can be imported / exported in numerous formats - ColorCache is compatible with most popular graphics programs including Photoshop (.ACT, .ACO), Paintshop Pro (.PAL), Illustrator (.AI) and Freehand (.ACF). Palettes can also be exported as XML and CSS.

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