The 'Hearthstone' 'Hallow's End' Halloween Update Brings Dual-Class Arena Mode


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
The time to get all spooky is drawing nearer, Hearthstone [Free] players, because the Hallow's End celebration update is live on mobile now (although it might take a bit for everyone to get it). First of all, we are getting an all-new dual class Arena Mode where all nine Heroes attend in costume. How does it work? You start an Arena run, pick a Hero and a Hero Power, and then you get to pick from cards belonging to both of the classes (and, of course, neutrals too). And we are all getting a free Arena ticket during Hallow's End, so everyone can check out this new Arena. Additionally, we are getting a special Tavern Brawl, The Headless Horseman Rides, where we get to "disguise" ourselves by using a deck of cards from several classes as well as a passive Hero Power.

In addition to these two special events, we are getting the Fireside Gathering new Warlock Hero, Nemsy Necrofizzle, the mechanics update we talked about in a story recently, a ton of fixes of various other issues (which you can read about here), and more. The events will take place between October 24th and November 6th. Logging in between October 24th-30th gets you an Old Gods card pack and an Arena ticket while logging in between October 31st-November 5th gets you a Frozen Throne card pack and an Arena ticket. May the gods of Halloween be with you.

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