The iTunes Freeze is Upon Us


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
So while it's 60º and stormy here in the Chicago area, I assure you winter is upon us and with that comes Apple's annual tradition of locking down iTunes for the holidays. Starting late last night, developers can't submit or release new apps, updates, Test Flight betas or IAP items. This year is slightly different, in that developers are still able to access iTunes Connect and change pricing around. I'm not sure anyone expected that functionality, so, everyone still went HAM getting in their price changes before the freeze which is where we've gotten all these insanely huge sales lists from.

On a normal week, this is where we'd be doing the whole "New Games Coming Tonight" thing, but, with no new games coming, well, this Wednesday feels a little empty. Since TouchArcade obviously thrives on the new game release cycle, so that combined with most of our team off traveling to visit family for the holidays, things are going to be a little slow around here until iTunes thaws on the 29th.

The plan so far is to reveal our best games and game of the year picks tomorrow, take off Christmas, drizzle out some personal best-of lists over Monday and Tuesday of next week, and hopefully see a normal allotment of new games on Wednesday. There might be other surprises in there, but, that's the plan right now. If you're looking for something to do, basically every game is on sale, and if you're tapped out on iOS games, go see Star Wars or something.

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