The passion behind the prison break in 'A Way Out'


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There's one scene in
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that operates as a continuous tracking shot, seamlessly following two convicts as they tear through the interior of a large hospital, leaping over gurneys and slinking through air vents with a cadre of police officers hot on their tails. It's the only moment the screen isn't bisected -- the rest of the game plays out completely in split-screen co-op, either local or online.

This singular moment of unity doesn't exactly turn A Way Out into a traditional single-player game. The action flows between Leo and Vincent, the game's protagonists, putting one player in charge of the scene before passing control to the other, and back again. Both players see the same screen, but only one person directs it at a time, deciding whether Leo and Vincent make it out of the hospital alive. Even when A Way Out looks like a standard game, it isn't.

"This is not a game where you level up or something," director Josef Fares says. "We need the players to be there all the time, talking with each other all the time and being in the moment, like, 'What the fuck is going on?'"

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