The video game 'outsiders' creating VR art that makes you think


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When Tale of Tales announced its departure from the gaming industry after 12 years of creating eccentric, cult-hit experiences, Twitter lit up with messages extolling the studio's impact on the industry. However, for Tale of Tales co-founders Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, it was a hollow farewell. Their latest (and last) game, Sunset, had debuted just a month before to poor sales and lagging interest, despite a successful Kickstarter campaign and positive critical reception. Harvey and Samyn were already contemplating an exit from the world of video games and Sunset's situation pushed them to make it official. "It often didn't feel like games were worth the sacrifice," Samyn says.

Now, Harvey and Samyn have returned to their pure, artistic roots -- and to Kickstarter -- with Cathedral-in-the-Clouds, a virtual reality exhibition of Christian art in the Gothic and Renaissance periods. We spoke with Samyn about following his passion and Tale of Tales' lofty goals, and came away with a clear message: If you're going to leave games behind for a project that resides firmly in the art realm, you might as well shoot for the clouds.

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