These are the 9 thinnest cases we could find for Galaxy S8

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Nov 30, 2015
What's the thinnest Galaxy S8 case?

You wanna protect your Galaxy S8 a bit, but cases make it look a li'l plump. Here are the thinnest cases we could find!

1. Impossibly thin

Impossible? Yeah! "Air Skin"? Like pudding skin? Sure, we'll bite. You can find it for around $10.

2. Awwww mSnap!

Give your S8 a "Maxboost" (see what I did there?) with this thin'un. Only $10.

3. Thinness out the Ying yang

"Crystal" might be pushing it as far as clarity's considered, but this one's about as thin as they come and only $7.

4. Straight from the horse's mouth

At 0.8mm thick, Samsung knows what's up for thin cases for its phone. Check these out starting at $10.

5. Yihailu: Go ahead, we'll wait while you try to pronounce it too

Yee... High loo? Meh. Thin case is *thin and $12.

6. Because nudity rules!

When it comes to phones. Put your pants back on, Steve. Check these out for around $30.

7. Highway to the Geekzone

That girl in the photo is crying tears of joy. Don't worry; be happy. These are only $5!

8. Looking for thin cases? We have the Anccer for only $12!


9. Olixar are saying is give thin a chance

FlexiShield kinda sounds like a sanitary pad brand, but we're not judging. $12 on Amazon.

Find anything thinner?

Sound off in the comments below!

Updated September 2017: Added pricing. These are still the thinnest cases you can get for Galaxy S8.

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