This 10-outlet Cyberpower battery backup with USB is down to $125 at Newegg

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This is a great deal on a UPS with battery backup and USB charging ports.

This Cyberpower 10-outlet UPS with USB charging ports is down to $124.99 with code EMCSRKCG4 at Newegg. The code takes $65 off and includes free shipping. This same UPS sells for $165 from third parties at Amazon and as much as $190 at Best Buy.

An uninterruptible power supply guarantees protection from power surges or lightning strikes. This device has 1325VA and 810 Watts covering 10 outlets. All ten outlets have surge protection. Five of the outlets have battery backup as well.

The UPS' backup battery helps in case the power completely goes out. How long the battery lasts depends on how much stuff you've got plugged in, but it is powerful enough that even if your most powerful electronics are plugged in, like a desktop computer, you should get at least enough time to save everything you're working on and shut down safely. If you aren't drawing too much power, the battery could last much longer.

This device uses a multifunction LCD display that keeps users up-to-date with real time information, including any potential problems like a power surge or faulty wiring.

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