This discounted 4-pack of smart plugs brings the cost of each one to $7

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Nov 30, 2015
Smart plugs are one of the best smart home gadgets out there, so why not add a few of these to your house?

Amazon currently has this four-pack of Amysen smart plugs on sale for just $28.89 when you use coupon code P9JB5AHH. These have been selling for $33.99 since the start of the year but have an average price nearer $45. Today's discount makes each plug just $7.22 each.

These plugs can be connected to an Alexa device to add voice commands, or use the free app to control them from anywhere in the world. The timer function allows you to predetermine how long things can run or at what time they will shut off, which is super convenient and great for saving energy.

With nearly 500 reviews these have a 3.9 out of 5-star rating, with the most critical pieces of reviews saying people had a bit of trouble getting them connected to their Wi-Fi network. While not specified in the listing, odds are these are similar to most other smart plugs and require a 2.4GHz network to connect to.

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