This is the Google Clips, a camera that uses AI to take photos

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Google has introduced its Clips camera, a standalone device for recording interesting moments.

Aside from launching its new speaker, laptop, earbuds and of course smartphones, Google had one more thing to show the audience at the end of the day: the Google Clips.

One problem with recording something on your smartphone is that it's difficult to do that while also staying in the moment. Google Clips aims to combat this: this camera can be placed down or clipped to your backpack and can capture motion photos that last several seconds. It isn't recording all the time though: it will wait until something interesting (using the device's definition of interesting) to start recording. The Clips pairs with your smartphone over WiFi to offload photos from the 16GB of internal storage.

The one downside of Google Clips is that it only records footage at 15 frames per second. That's...not great. Movies are played back at 24 fps, while video games are typically either 30 or 60 fps. I can't imagine how unsmooth footage from the Clips will be, though time will tell. The Clips camera will launch for $249, and at launch it will be able to pair with Pixel phones, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8.

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