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This is the OnePlus 5T you're looking for.

In early October, a device render popped up for what was supposedly the OnePlus 5T. The render showed off a phone with a 6-inch 18:9 display with very minimal bezels, but it also looked a whole lot like another phone from Oppo. Since then, a new look at the 5T has surfaced, and it's more of what we'd expect to see from OnePlus later this year.

The new render was uploaded by a user on Weibo, and while the phone looks similar to what we saw at the beginning of the month, there are a few big differences.

For starters, the "Never Settle" wallpaper that's shown on the display is a lot more convincing than the lock screen on the other render that definitely didn't belong to OxygenOS. The alert slider is no longer missing, the corners of the display aren't so heavily rounded, and the render as a whole is much higher-res than what we saw last time around.

Old render (left), New render (right)

The top and bottom bezels don't seem to have changed, with the ones on the sides being ever so slightly thicker (oh it could just be because this one doesn't showcase curved edges like what we previously saw).

We also get a look at the back of the 5T, revealing the new position of the fingerprint scanner. The back does look exactly the same as the current OnePlus 5, but that's sort of what we're expecting considering the identical design between the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

Are these official images of the OnePlus 5T? We aren't sure. Is this the final design for the phone? Possibly, but we can't say for certain. What we can say, however, is that, between the two renders we've seen at this point, this is the one I'd bet my money on as to what the device will end up looking like.

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