This new Samsung Gear S2 ad might leave you craving for some dial turning goodness


GSMArena News
Samsung has always had a way of approaching things a little differently, relying heavily on its own vision and understandings, while still managing to stay part of the flow in the tech world. The Gear S2 watch is the perfect embodiment of this duality - both familiar and different, conforming and innovating at the same time. The wearable has a lot going for it and even though it's appeal is far from universal, nor is it the high-point of the developing smartwatch niche, it still stands out from the crowd and draws attention. Samsung knows this all too well and definitely aims to capitalize on it, as evident by the Korean giant's latest ad. Aptly titled "Dial In", the clip showcases just a few of the major functions the Gear S2 has to offer, not forgetting to emphasize on its custom software approach (Tizen to be exact) and clever rotating dial control. The 30 second video is superbly made, but that hardly comes as a surprise. It also offers a short glimpse of an incoming call on the 3G Gear S2 model, which we are yet to see in action. And if the clip spiked your curiosity, be sure to check out our in-depth review of Samsung's latest...