This War of Mine: The Little Ones arrives on PS4 today


Nov 9, 2015
Hello Gamers! Pawel from 11 bit studios here. Today is a big day – This War of Mine: The Little Ones has launched on PS4. Your actions and choices will make it a very personal experience. But what does that mean?

War has broken out and your group of survivors stuck in a destroyed city have taken over a building that will be your shelter. At first the survivors are in more or less good shape, but soon the situation becomes tougher, and it’s up to you to keep your group alive and fighting.

It’s up to you to go scavenging to get the resources people need. A supermarket sounds like a place where you could find food, and maybe some tools to craft something in your shelter. But! You barely have space left in your backpack to carry it all. Food is more important and that’s your first choice… but you might regret that later when you desperately need tools to create a heater as snow begins to fall.

So you find food and take it without hesitation. It turns out it belonged to some guy carrying a gun. He threatens you, so without thinking you quickly punch him and escape. Luckily you’ve made it safely back to shelter. Other civilians start to feel better after finally eating something, but Nadia, a member of your group, seems so sad. For her it was just a theft. Why won’t she understand like the rest of the group do?

You remember there was a guy you met in a cottage a few nights earlier. He said his father was sick and would trade some of his items for medication. Another tough choice – what if you trade medication for food and you or Nadia get sick later?

You decide food is the most important resource and go back to the cottage this guy is guarding. You approach him cautiously to offer the meds, and he even seems a bit happy, almost like a slither of hope appeared and his father might be saved. He gives you food in exchange, but is so happy he even gives you a gun!

But you return to the shelter only to find Nadia is sick. But she’s happy, she feels you made the right decision to give medication to the guy’s father. That’s what people should do, she says. Nevertheless, she needs treatment and there has to be a way to get her the antibiotics she needs.

That’s not all however – your child who was once surprisingly easy-going and seemed to accept what was going on has started to isolate herself and walk alone around the shelter. You know that’s a bad sign. You should do something about it, but you haven’t slept for a long time. If you spend time to play with her you won’t be able to go out under cover of the night to get that medication.

That is just one short example of millions of possible scenarios and the choices you’ll face. In the game you’ll have to overcome lots of these situations through gameplay. Every single choice you make shapes the story. Narrate it and see what unfolds. Your story starts today.

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