'Thomas Was Alone' Has Been Updated with iOS 11 Support


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Thomas Was Alone [$4.99], the BAFTA Award winning game from Mike Bithell has finally been updated with 64-bit support. Bossa Studios has handled the iOS release and while I was originally very pleased to be able to play this on another platform, the port could be better. It was updated after launch with DLC and also became a Universal release to work on both iPhones and iPads. Now that it has been updated with iOS 11 support, I hope the team works on a performance update. Watch the original launch trailer below:

Thomas Was Alone is a fantastic game. Read our review of it here. I just wish the iOS port ran well. As of this post the PlayStation Vita version runs a lot better with much less power than a modern iOS device. Check out the forum thread for the game here. As of now, another one survives the App-ocalypse and will work on modern iOS devices letting you listen to Danny Wallace’s amazing narration once again.

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