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Although the Pixel 2 was the start of Google's October 4 event, the Home Mini and Home Max were also really exciting to see. This expansion of the Google Home lineup is really encouraging for this product segment, but as good as Google's first-party Google Assistant speakers are getting, there are a lot of third-party ones in the pipelines as well. One of the first that was announced is the TicHome Mini, and it's finally available for purchase at a special introductory price.

The TicHome Mini looks a lot like an Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini had a love child, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. On the top, you'll find four LED lights not unlike what's present on the Home Mini, and surrounding this are buttons for volume control, muting the microphone, and prompting the Assistant without having to use your voice.

Also included with the TicHome Mini is IPX6 water resistance, and while you can connect the device to another speaker via Bluetooth and NFC, the Mini also has a built-in speaker of its own that you can use as well.

A lot of this might sound like what Google already offers with the Home Mini, but where the TicHome Mini shines is its portability. Thanks to the built-in 2,600 mAh battery, Mobvoi (the company behind the TicHome Mini) says that you can expect up to six hours of standby time when the speaker is connected to Wi-Fi. That's certainly not the best endurance we've ever seen, but then again, simply having the option to take the TicHome Mini out of the house with you is more than either the Google Home Mini or Echo Dot can say for themselves.

The TicHome Mini will cost $99 when it officially launches, but between now and Friday, October 20, you can preorder it for just $79.

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