Twitter now shows bigger photos on its website


GSMArena News
Nov 9, 2015
People like looking at photos. And specifically, people seem to like staring at photos posted onto Twitter. So the company behind the 140-character service has decided to make the experience of using its website for the purpose of checking out pictures a lot more enticing than it was before. And this has happened through a simple (if well overdue) change: the photos are now bigger. That's it. The size of the images in your stream has been enhanced, which means you'll probably resort to clicking a picture in order to see a bigger version of it a lot less in the future. The same treatment has thankfully been applied to multi-photo displays, as evidenced by the screenshot below. The new multi-photo viewer emphasizes each image more than before, while also actually having grown bigger in size. Twitter says these changes will make your timeline "more...