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Just about a month ago, Sony outlined the first five PlayStation PlayLink games. PlayLink is a new technology that Sony created that enables you to play PlayStation 4 games by using your phone or tablet as a controller, and the two latest PlayLink games to be released include "Knowledge is Power" and "Hidden Agenda."

Starting off first with Knowledge is Power, this is a game that's perfect to break out during trivia night at your house while hanging out with family and friends. There are over 5000 questions to answer, and along with the traditional trivia setup, Knowledge is Power also features Power Play abilities that can give you a competitive edge over your opponents.

With the Knowledge is Power app, you'll use your phone to take selfies for your in-game character, answer questions without rivals seeing what you choose, participate in on-screen challenges, and plenty more.

Moving on to Hidden Agenda, this ditches the lighthearted trivia theme for a darker and more serious murder mystery. You can play Hidden Agenda with two to six players, and you'll use the app on your phone to check biographies on characters you meet, use your touchscreen as a cursor for making in-game choices, and complete secret objectives.

Hidden Agenda was developed by the same team that created the fantastic Until Dawn, so you know you'll be in for a story-heavy ride with a tale that unfolds based on the choices you and your friends make.

Knowledge is Power and Hidden Agenda will be joining That's You! in the Play Store as the first three PlayLink games to hit the scene. You'll still need to actually buy the games themselves on your PS4, but their companion apps for your phone are free to download.

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