Uhans A6 comes with a 8MP Samsung 4H8 sensor rear camera



The latest phone from UHANS mobile that will kick off the debut is the UHANS A6. After a series of leaks and rumors, the latest post on Facebook indicates that A6 is comes with a 8MP Samsung 4H8 sensor rear camera. Below are the pictures taken by UHANS A6, let’s find out whether its photography performance will make some ripples?


Quite amazing isn’t it? We can even clearly see the silk produced by the spider which is hanging over the flowers, and it performs a good bokeh effect. Detail tells more than the boasting words, UHANS A6 did surprise us with its actually not so high-end camera specs.


In fact, the flower we see in the pictures are just decoration ones. Thanks to A6, it shows off their beauty with the vividness which should belong to the natural ones.


Adorable penguin perfectly shows the wonderful saturation and contrast ratio that A6 will represent to us too. There is a reason to believe that A6 will never let you down when you want to record all those beautiful moments the kaleidoscopic world offers to you.

All in all, compare to other 8MP camera equipped smartphones, A6 decently behaves itself with its down-to-earth while qualified configurations.

Specs wise, the UHANS A6 comes with the massive 4150mAH battery, a 5.5-inch HD display, MT6580 32-Bit 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, there is also a fingerprint scanner on the rear. And it is rumored that the A6 will be on market at the middle of the month.

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