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Unfiltered Audio Dent v2.0 WiN | 7 Mb
It's time to go deeper with your sound - way deeper. Sure, you've made your tracks sound nice - balanced the levels, added just the right EQ - maybe you even performed all the music. But that's only the beginning. You want to get inside those waveforms, to tinker and explore, to realize your track's potential and draw out a sound that had only existed between your ears. It's time to get to know Dent 2.

The original Dent was a different kind of distortion plugin, made by Unfiltered Audio for every engineer and sound designer who had ever longed to manipulate the waveform on a molecular level. Now, with the release of Dent 2, audio control freaks rejoice, because Unfiltered Audio has gone subatomic. We're talking about a let's-sharpen-the-peaks-on-the-negative-half-of-the-waveform level of control! So if you're looking for sweet analog hardware emulation, you better look elsewhere, because the mad scientists at Unfiltered are digital to their core, and they know exactly how to turn those ones and zeros into magic.

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