USB Type-C accessories by OnePlus found to be out of spec


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The Google engineer Benson Leung, who's been testing USB Type-C accessories lately, reported that the two OnePlus products are out of spec and can harm your device's port, PC hub or charger plug. The reason turns out to be a wrong resistor in both the USB cable and the USB adapter - it's a 3A identifier resistor instead of "Default USB Power", required by the USB Type-C spec. Apparently this mistake may harm either the device or the plug/port on the other end. Benson Leung suggest to use only the cables and charger plugs that came bundled with your device and not to mix them with other gadgets. If you need such accessories, he reviewed quite a few over Amazon and the one with 5* rating from Leung are the ones you should be looking to purchase if you want to be sure they are spec-compliant. While the USB Type-C standard is targeted for a mass spread over the next couple of years, we guess you should all be careful with the first batch of accessories, as mistakes are obviously possible. Source •...

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