Verizon brings back the option to stream 4K video — for an extra $10/month

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Verizon will once again offer full-quality streaming for mobile users, but at a cost.

Back in August, Verizon split its former single unlimited plan into two, complicating the narrative for millions of customers looking simply to connect to LTE for a monthly price. The cheaper option, Go Unlimited, starts at $75 and offers unlimited LTE, but the traffic can be throttled at any time during the month. It also supports streaming at just 480p, and hotspot speeds are limited to 600Kbps.

The more expensive option, Beyond Unlimited, which starts at $85 for the first line, throttles only after 22GB of bandwidth per month, and supports full-speed mobile hotspot and streaming quality up to 1080p (though only 720p on phones).

Now, after Verizon announced a successful third quarter where it gained around 275,000 new phone users, says that for an extra $10 per month it will allow customers on either unlimited plan to stream at full resolution — even 4K. The company doesn't expect too many people to pay for the privilege — few people have complained about the drop in streaming quality since it was implemented in August — but starting November 3 the add-on will be available for those who want it.

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