VR karaoke needs to be an official Oculus Social feature right now

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Nov 30, 2015

This is either the best or worst idea ever.

One of the stranger things to try to explain to someone when attempting to show off the Samsung Gear VR is Oculus Social. It's an Alpha app Oculus has been working on for a little while now, where up to five people share a virtual theater that streams Vimeo and Twitch streams. What makes this experience a little odd is the way each of these other four people are represented in the virtual space. You see four floating avatar heads, and these heads move in exactly the same way the user's head moves in the real world.

It's more than a little strange to talk to a floating alien or devil head, but the VR Scout folks found a way to make lemonade out of weird floating lemon heads with a little karaoke.

You can watch this video through Google Cardboard if you want to get the full VR effect, but what you're seeing here is what happens when you use the Twitch stream to show a karaoke machine instead of a game. Everyone sitting in the digital theater can enter and sing along, turning the passive viewing and chat experience that is Oculus Social into a much more interactive experience.

This is obviously not the intended use for Oculus Social, but it probably should be. Add a simple interface for choosing music, give users the ability to mute everyone else while you're singing, and offer up a third-party camera that can be broadcasted to the world so you can share your weird floating head belting out whatever song you think you can almost pull off, and you've really got something.

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