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Android TV may be in need of new life, with Sony being one of the only major brands shipping it as its standard smart TV platform. As such, there aren't many options for Android TV out there for those on a budget. There are options, though, and we've surfaced the best of them to make your life just a little bit easier.

Little Wonder

Sony Bravia X800E

It's a bit on the small side, but the 43-inch Sony Bravia X800E goes for just under $650, making it the best affordable Android TV money can buy. It comes in on the ground floor of competency for 4K TVs with support for HDR, Sony's time-tested display processing, and great panel quality. Add in Android TV with Chromecast and Google Assistant built-in, and you have the makings of a great smart TV.

$648 at Amazon

Cents for Sense

HiSense H9 Plus

HiSense isn't really well-known for its TVs, but the company is on the up and up. Its H9 Plus series of Smart TVs look the part, and they have surprisingly solid picture quality. At $550, this 55-inch 4K TV uses HDR10 and Dolby Vision, giving you the most accurate picture and color grading possible when viewing supported content. It also has built-in speakers by Harman/Kardon, and that's just cool.

$550 at Best Buy

Sky's the Limit

Skyworth G2A

Skyworth is a little known company, but its Android TV is quietly one of the best values going. It offers a nice smart TV experience powered by the quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 chipset, which should help some of the performance issues that can sneak up on this platform. The 50-inch model features a 4K HDR panel, a voice-activated remote, and more.

$500 at Amazon

Classic Brand

Philips 5704

Philips TVs you see on store shelves are actually made by Funai, a Japanese company who sells directly to Sam's Club and Walmart in the US. This 55-inch Android TV is likely to source parts from the pile of panels which get rejected for quality issues, but these issues tend to be over exaggerated. We wouldn't blame you for wanting to look elsewhere, but don't completely write Philips off if it's more convenient for you to buy from Sam's Club.

$500 at Sam's Club

Nice and Cheap

Westinghouse UX4100

Westinghouse TVs will always have the best deals on Black Friday, and it's for a good reason: they sell extremely cheaply. But to get to that price, they also have to be built cheaply, with quality control being a consistent knock against this brand. If you can handle that, though, you can get a 50-inch 4K HDR Android TV for a very manageable price.

$341 at Best Buy

In terms of quality Android TVs on the cheap, we'd 100% go with Sony's X800E if you can stand the size. Sony is still making some of the best TVs on the market period, and with it likely offering the best comfort in areas of customer service and warranty, it's hard to recommend anyone else. If you absolutely have to go bigger, HiSense's H9 Plus will do you good. The company is slowly but surely making a name for itself as a rock solid option at the entry-to-mid-level range. And if none of these TVs are doing it for you, maybe a set-top box with Android TV is the best route for you. Be sure to explore all your options at length before making your final decision!

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