'War Dragons' 'Atlas' Expansion Launching Tomorrow, Will Transform the Game


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iPhone Gaming
War Dragons [Free], Pocket Gems' fire-breathing take on the base building genre, has quite a strong community that's been steadily growing ever since the game came out in 2015. Now, the developers are getting ready to bring Atlas, the first major expansion to the game. Atlas turns the world of War Dragons into an open sandbox 3D realm to explore and devastate, which should give players even more to do. After Atlas hits, players will face ever-changing world updates based on player decision and the territory they control, which should give the game much more variety and encourage them to build better defenses, breed powerful dragons, and in general work together to take down the all the enemy teams.

The developers said they're happy to see the game's strong community grow, and they wanted to offer those players the freedom to change the War Dragons' universe through their actions. With Atlas, players can take on their enemies in multiple ways, from attacking to bribing or even using subterfuge to trap them. And these possibilities aren't imaginary or wishful thinking; these are actions players have taken during the Atlas beta. The update is hitting tomorrow, October 17th, and it sounds like it will really change the game for the better.

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