'Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade' Gets PVP Multiplayer in Latest Update


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
While we live in a time where a new Warhammer game gets released on a literal weekly basis, that's no reason to not keep following some of the more significant ones still getting update. In fact, Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade [Free] is still kicking, and the game's just gotten a big 2.0 update that finally adds multiplayer to the game. Now, you can partake in levels where you fight your friends and enemies' Freeblades for supremacy.

There's also some new stats that are intended to give you a leg up in PvP battles, along with new Valor Chests to earn. The update is available now, but do be warned – if you deleted and are reinstalling, my iPhone 6 Plus crashes before reaching the cloud save menu, so beware! I am curious, also, if the Warhammer license will ever reach a saturation point where Games Workshop ever has to slow down on granting licenses, or if saturation is the goal to make Warhammer seem gargantuan. Every game could be just more money for the physical products, perhaps. And with all that lore, game developers have tons of material to mine, and an identifiable brand to draw from, even if they're fighting a new game in the franchise every single week. Hmm.

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