'We Bare Bears: Burrito Bash' Is Another Fun Cartoon Network Game


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
We Bare Bears, the entertaining Cartoon Network show with a pretty big following—especially among the younger ones—is coming to mobile in the form of a game called We Bare Bears: Burrito Bash [Free]. The show, which is all about three bear brothers living among people as if nothing is weird about that, is quite silly in a good way, and it looks like that silliness is coming to Burrito Bash. In the game, Gizz, Panda, and Ice Bear (my favorite, of course) are dying to win an online burrito contest, so they decide to do what every bear would do: strap Grizz into a bumper car in an attempt to film the greatest action movie in history. What wouldn't bears do for a burrito, right?

So, you'll be slinging Grizz across different levels based on the show as you try and grab different power-ups and make it through each level in a specific time or number of shots. I found myself in a We Bare Bears panel during last year's San Diego Comic Con, and I ended up having much more fun than I thought I would. Hopefully the game will be as fun as the show.

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