Weekly Poll: Do you prep your tech before a bad storm?

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Nov 30, 2015

When a bad snowstorm is on the horizon, your thoughts might immediately turn to a grocery store run to pick up the essentials before the shelves are picked bare, or making sure that you have salt and a shovel to handle the snow after it's hit the ground. What you probably didn't immediately think about is whether your tech is properly prepped to get through a bad storm unscathed. You can't check to see if the grocery store is open on Google Maps or grab that perfect snowy weather shot to share on Google Photos if you can't charge your phone.

So this week we're curious to know if you prep your tech before a bad storm. How do you make sure everything survives the weather, so you can survive the weather? Whatever you use the tech in your house for, checking the weather as it moves in, seeing if the kids have school tomorrow, or seeing just how bad the traffic actually is, having your phone handy in bad weather is an excellent tool. A weekend without Facebook and YouTube and games is never fun — especially when you're snowed in.

You've got four choices in this week's poll: Yes, Kind of, Not really, and No.

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Let us know how you prep for a bad storm in the comments below!

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