Weekly Poll Followup: Battery monitoring is best with a percentage

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Last week we asked How you prefer to monitor your battery. As important as our phones have become in day to day life, if you run out of juice then you're not going to be using it for much. There are a few different ways to monitor the battery life on your phone, and we wanted to know how you prefer to do just that.

In last week's poll we gave you four options: "just the battery icon," "battery percentage displayed," "with a battery widget," and "I couldn't care less until I get a low power warning."

This week's winner was "battery percentage displayed" with a whopping 4,402 individual votes or 64 percent of the poll. In second place with 20 percent of the vote was "just the battery icon". In third place was "with a battery widget", snagging 10 percent of the vote or 687 individual votes. In last place with only 6 percent of the vote was "I couldn't care less until I get a low power warning." Unsurprising results, given how vital proper battery level awareness is on modern smartphones.

Do you agree with these poll results, or do you prefer waiting for that low power warning to plug in? Shout out in the comments, and let us know about it!

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