Weekly Poll Followup: Tech is mostly prepared in case of bad weather

Android Central

Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Last week we asked if you prep your tech before a storm. There is plenty to worry about when getting ready for a storm, and making sure your technology is properly prepped isn't always a priority. We use our phones like lifelines these days, doing everything from getting the most up to date weather to spending hours playing games when we can't leave the house.

With that in mind we gave you four options in last week's poll: "Yes," "Kind of," "Not really" and "No."

The winner of this week's poll is being "Kind of" prepared, with 30 percent of the vote and 572 individual votes. "Not really" skidded into second place with 553 individual votes, and 29 percent of the overall. "No" was just behind "Not really," coming in third place with a solid 27 percent of the vote. "Yes" came in fourth place with 14 percent of the vote and 267 individual votes.

So where did you stand this week? Let us know how you prep your tech in the comments below!

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