WonderPlanet Inc. Is Localising ‘VALKYRIE ANATOMIA – THE ORIGIN -‘ Which Is a Mobile Game Prequel To ‘Valkyrie Profile’ from Square Enix This Year


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Square Enix’s Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth ($17.99) finally released on iOS and Android bringing the PSP classic which was an enhanced port of the PS1 original to modern platforms. Square Enix has a ton of mobile games available and many are Japan only. I checked their page on the App Store on Japan and found loads of releases that I hadn’t even heard of that are obvioulsy not localised. Today, WonderPlanet Inc. announced a localisation of VALKYRIE ANATOMIA – THE ORIGIN – for a global audience this year. Watch the original trailer below:

VALKYRIE ANATOMIA – THE ORIGIN – is a norse inspired RPG as expected and it is set before Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. It released back in 2016 in Japan on iOS and Android and is a free to play RPG with a combo driven battle system that has music from Motoi Sakuraba who has done loads of amazing video game music. Today, the publisher has begun pre-registrations with rewards at various tiers. Each tier grants more Gems and Hammers for use in game with higher tiers offering XP Jewels and more.

The localisation is aiming for a release this Spring in all countries not including Japan and China. Pre-registrations are live on the official Facebook page here. If you’d like to check the premium Valkyrie Profile release, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is out now on both the App Store and on Google Play.

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