'World of Tanks Blitz' 2.6 Update Finally Changes Shooting Mechanics


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
One of my major irritations with WOT Blitz [Free] gameplay so far has been the amazing strength of twigs and tiny pieces of debris. What do I mean? Imagine getting into the perfect shooting, tapping the button, and then seeing your shell explode because it hit a tiny twig on the way to devastating the opponent. Fortunately, Wargaming.net is finally changing the game's shooting mechanics to address those issues and, in general, improve how your shells behave. We can now fire through obstacles with the shell continuing its trajectory and hitting anyone hiding behind. However, depending on the obstacle's durability, the shell will lose an amount of its energy and might be unable to penetrate the target. Full-featured ricochets are now in the game too, with deflected shells damaging nearby enemies if they hit them.

These changes will definitely enable a more dynamic and aggressive game since tanks won't be hiding behind obstacles as often and those twigs won't save my targets. As with every update, we are also getting more tanks - in this instance a new branch of German light tanks - and also getting different language Chat channels, improvements in soft terrain movement for medium and light tanks, massive changes to the Middleburg map, and so on. While all these additions and improvements are nice, I'm of course more excited about the shooting changes, and I can't wait to go test the durability of the various obstacles. The update is (or should very soon be) live. Check out the video for details on the update and read the full patch notes here.

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